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Gluten Free Cookies

GF Butterscotch Cherry Devotion Minis

Delightfully rich buttery flavor with a kiss of cherry, our butterscotch cherry cookies will have you devoted to this gluten free treat. Picture perfect on any table, these pecan-packed shortbread cookies deliver that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Did we mention these are Gluten Free! Mission Cookies is our first social enterprise endeavor on the campus of the Changing Lives Center. Recipes for...

GF Peanut Better Life Minis

The classic peanut butter cookie we all know and love -- with a twist. Crafted with oats instead of flour, this cookie kicks gluten to the curb and allows that creamy peanut butter flavor to shine. Loaded with chocolate M&Ms, the beloved PB&C combination is baked into every delicious bite. Did we mention this is Gluten Free? Mission Cookies is...